Employment Law & HR Compliance

You cannot afford to neglect your employment and HR compliance responsibilities. We can help you uphold these duties and avoid costly mistakes.

Employment Law & HR Compliance Assurance

As an employer, legal and HR compliance are just some of many responsibilities you must juggle every day—and it is not a ball you can afford to drop.

Failure to understand your legal obligations can have devastating consequences on your financial status and reputation. You deserve outside general counsel or a seamless supplement to your existing legal team that functions as an impenetrable line of defense.

At Pearl Legal, APC, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients just like you to gain an understanding of their business, vision, and goals so nothing slips through the cracks. By aligning your business goals with your compliance concerns, we can effectively mitigate circumstances that could lead to lawsuits.

Employment Law Compliance services include:

  • Reviewing employment policies and procedures, as well as potential employee discipline and terminations. This includes advising on and preparing policies to prevent potential workplace disputes before they arise on matters such as wage compliance, employee hiring and firing, discipline, and sick leave.
  • Creating and reviewing contracts with the proper support to protect you internally with employees and externally with partners and vendors. Your business is constantly evolving, and we will ensure you stay legally compliant at all times, whatever changes may come to your industry or your company.
  • Conducting weekly touch base meetings with you to address pending or anticipated issues.
  • Assisting your internal departments like Human Resources as they navigate critical legal issues. We will collaborate with your people to develop proactive strategies to execute their business plans optimally.


Get expert help ensuring you are compliant with employment law, no matter where you are.

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